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As another part of our professional support, we offer calibration service covering many of brands and models of acoustic measuring instruments.

The reference equipment used by our laboratory is Norsonic NOR1504A Calibration Test system.
This is laboratory is unique in Iran and the Middle East and we answer requests not only domestically also provide service for the countries in the region.
Our calibration Lab. is capable to provide acoustical and electrical calibration of sound measuring instruments, measuring microphones and sound calibrators in accordance with the applicable national and international standards such as:

» Frequency response calibration of microphones with electrostatic method according to IEC61094
» Sensitivity calibration of microphones using the insert voltage method.
» Calibration of sound calibrators, pistonphones  in accordance with IEC60942.
» Sound level meter calibration in accordance with IEC61672, IEC60651, IEC60804.
» Test of fractional octave filters in accordance with IEC 225 and 61260.
» Calibration of Noise dose-meter in accordance with IEC 61252.